Butuan: An Economic Center in Mindanao

Known as one of the first or industrialized cities in Agusan del Norte, Butuan is a fast advancing city in Mindanao.

According to the history of this city, its name was derived from the famous fruit in the region which people call as Batuan. The 2000 census done at this city revealed that the city has an estimated 267,279 residents and an average 50,273 households.

This urbanized city in the Caraga region has 86 barangays which include Ambago, Amparo, Ampayon Babag and Anticala. The history of this city is highlighted by some important and significant events like the establishment of the first university in Butuan which is known as Father Saturnino Urios University. Another milestone in the history of this alluring city is the construction of Balangay Shrine Museum and the Butuan Regional Museum.

To those who have not yet visited this attractive city, they should have a look at the luring festivals that are held in Butuan. Abayan Festival is held during the fourth Sunday of July. On the other hand, Kahimunan Festival was organized as a way of celebrating the blessings that patron Sr. Sto. Nino has given to the residents of the city. Travelers can also have a visit at the Adlaw Hong Butuan festival, which is done to celebrate Saint Joseph, one of the famous patrons of the city.

Aside from the famous and enticing festivals that are held at Butuan, travelers can also have a visit at some of the tourist spots and destinations in this city. Travelers are encouraged to visit Agusan River because it is considered as the deepest river that runs through the city. Tourists can also look at the wonderful mountain named as Mount Mayapay which is found at the southwest area of the Agusan valley.

Since the inauguration of Butuan as a city in Agusan del Norte on October 2, 1950, its city government has done its very best to improve the lifestyle of people in the city. Some of the improvements in the city are the construction of subdivisions and villages in the industrialized areas of Butuan. Another major improvement is the establishment of restaurants and diners where travelers can relax and unwind.

Tourists who want to visit this wonderful and enticing city have nothing to worry when it comes to the mode of transportation. Since it is considered as a high-class city in Mindanao, it is definitely accessible by air, land and water carriers. Hence, travelers should not have second thoughts when it comes to visiting Butuan because they will surely cherish their travel to this famous city of the Philippines.